360° support for all asset-related matters

We offer discerning clients 360° support for all asset-related matters. Our services include advice on questions regarding personal, business and real estate assets as well as long-term retirement planning.

Entrepreneur Partners offers 360° support for asset-related matters of discerning clients. Our services include advice on questions regarding private, corporate or real estate assets as well as long-term retirement planning. All of these are areas in which Entrepreneur Partners has built up broad and in-depth in-house expertise.

For client needs we cannot cover in-house, we select the right partner from our network of highly-qualified service providers to work with to assist our client further.

We work together with clients to set an investment strategy that works with their individual requirements; however, our main goal is generally preservation of wealth.

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Service offering.

The services we can provide

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Non-binding analysis.

Our advice is based on an analysis of your assets – both personal assets and any business assets.


We would be glad to complete a non-binding analysis of your assets. Please contact us:

Entrepreneur Partners AG
Seestrasse 356
P.O. Box

CH-8038 Zurich

Tel. +41 (44) 488 40 10


Financial advice

Our goal is to find the best investment opportunities for you. We take our time to search through, examine and analyze investment ideas. We then make investment recommendations that meet your needs and monitor the chosen solutions for you.

Asset management mandates

Do you not want to worry about handling your financial assets? Or do you simply not have the time to do so yourself? We can manage your assets on a discretionary basis. Following an in-depth analysis of your financial situation, we work together with you to define your personal risk appetite and derive a suitable investment strategy. We then report and discuss the achieved results as frequently as you choose.

Equity mandates

We have close contact with listed companies in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. You can benefit from our know-how by way of equity mandates (with or without a benchmark).

Bond mandates

We also understand fixed-income investments and manage bond mandates in Swiss francs (with or without a benchmark) for private and institutional clients.

Reporting and monitoring

We place great emphasis on ensuring that you have a complete overview of your assets. Reporting on all assets creates transparency and builds the foundation for defining the best-possible individual investment strategies.

Real estate advisory

We can support you with our experience in buying or selling real estate and advise you on securing the best-possible financing option. We would also be happy to discuss real estate investment opportunities with you.

Private equity

Thanks to our large network, we also have access to investment opportunities in private companies. We would be pleased to discuss possible investments tailored to your profile.

Investment Funds

We manage proprietary investment funds with a focus on equities listed in Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. The objective is to achieve attractive returns by using fundamental bottom-up research and hedging strategies.

Management of vested benefits – flexible solutions for your 2nd pillar

We work with a leading pension expert to offer you tailored investment solutions for vested benefits (2nd pillar).

Together with you, we discuss a range of individual and tax-efficient solutions within a private investment foundation that are suitable for every risk profile.