Big does not always
equal better.

We are a fast-moving and agile company with deep expertise and grand ambitions for our clients — and for you. We are a team of diverse experts ready to take our clients, our team and ourselves as individuals to the next level. Passion and a desire for growth are what drive us.


Always ambitious

We are a team of experts from a diverse range of areas. Collectively we can draw on decades of experience, but we are always striving to improve. Our goal is to achieve ever greater performance, both for our clients and ourselves.

Room to act

We are a collection of individual athletes playing for the same team. Although we have a defined strategy, it is entirely up to the individual when and how to take action. We never micro-manage.

Room to grow

We do not believe in glass ceilings or tightly defined hierarchies. We are entrepreneurs at heart. For us, nurturing everyone’s passion and individual talent is a must.

No hidden agendas

Corporate politics and hidden agendas are not welcome here. Whether interacting with each other or with our clients, we act with honesty, transparency and respect.

Apply if

  1. have solid and proven experience in managing finances and assets
  2. are ready to take responsibility, drive initiatives forward and think creatively
  3. are ready to always put your clients’ interests before your own

Don’t apply if …

  1. are only looking to kick-start your career in finance — we are in this for the long run
  2. care more for personal gains than those of your team and clients
  3. are not ready to take on and drive initiatives and thereby grow professionally and personally

Open positions

Do you have an entrepreneurial mindset? Are you ready to partner up with ambitious clients – and take them and Entrepreneur Partners to the next level?