Unique funds as
part of your portfolio

Choose from our selection of proprietary funds and let your portfolio and investment strategy benefit from our experience and know-how.

The funds are available to the public, managed by us - and ready
to boost your portfolio.

Tavau Swiss Fund

The Tavau Swiss Fund is a Swiss investment fund that invests in Swiss equities. By actively pursuing both long- and short-term strategies, the manager tries to take advantage of opportunities as they arise and achieve superior risk-adjusted returns.

Enpa Swiss Top Picks Fund

The Enpa Swiss Top Picks Fund is a Swiss investment fund that invests in a concentrated portfolio of Swiss companies. The aim is to achieve above-average returns over the long term with the best Swiss investment ideas from Entrepreneur Partners.

Enpa Value Opportunity Fund

The Enpa Value Opportunity Fund is a global equity fund that invests in high-performing companies at favourable valuations.

Enpa Strategy Funds Libra & Nova

The Enpa Strategy Funds are investment funds under Swiss law. The funds invest risk-aware and in all asset classes, in particular in alternative investments. By investing in all asset classes and using broad investment bandwidths, the funds aim to optimise returns while minimising portfolio volatility.