Enpa Strategy Funds Libra & Nova

  • Modern asset allocation (wide bandwidths and significant allocation to alternative investments and private markets)
  • Fully diversified portfolio
  • Access to exclusive investment opportunities

The Enpa Strategy Funds are investment funds under Swiss law. By investing in all asset classes and using broad investment bandwidths, the funds aim to optimise returns while minimising portfolio volatility. The Enpa Strategy Funds are typically characterised by having asignificant allocation to alternative investments and private markets.

Investments are based on Entrepreneur Partners’ market assessments, combined with a thorough analysis of the selected investment products or securities.

The fund manager of the Enpa Strategy Funds is Christian Wyss, a veteran in managing tailored wealth management solutions and discretionary mandates.

Fund info

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Enpa Strategy Fund Libra

See the latest NAV

Currency: CHF
Swiss Valor: 45’094’348
ISIN: CH0450943482
Bloomberg: ENPALIB SW

Enpa Strategy Fund Nova

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Currency: CHF
Swiss Valor: 45’094’351
ISIN: CH0450943516
Bloomberg: ENPANOV SW

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Christian Wyss

Portfolio Manager, Partner

Christian Wyss has worked in the financial industry since 2001, primarily in the role of Portfolio Manager. Before joining Entrepreneur Partners AG, Christian worked for over 11 years at Credit Suisse, eight of which was spent working on tailored wealth management solutions for private Swiss clients. Christian holds a Swiss Federal Certificate in Banking and is a Certified International Investment Analyst (CIIA).

Enpa Swiss Top Picks Fund

The Enpa Swiss Top Picks Fund is a Swiss investment fund that invests in a concentrated portfolio of Swiss companies. The aim is to achieve above-average returns over the long term with the best Swiss investment ideas from Entrepreneur Partners.

Enpa Value Opportunity Fund

The Enpa Value Opportunity Fund is a global equity fund that invests in high-performing companies at favourable valuations.

Tavau Swiss Fund

The Tavau Swiss Fund is a Swiss investment fund that invests in Swiss equities. By actively pursuing both long- and short-term strategies, the manager tries to take advantage of opportunities as they arise and achieve superior risk-adjusted returns.