Enpa Value Opportunity Fund

  • Prudent long-term investment approach
  • Deep fundamental analysis
  • Global diversification

The Enpa Value Opportunity Fund is a Swiss investment fund that invests in selected companies from developed countries (with a strong focus on Europe and North America). The investment process is based on an in-depth, bottom-up analysis of companies and sectors, with each company chosen due to their strong economic position coupled with a favourable valuation.

The goal is to achieve a balanced portfolio with core positions that are held for the medium to long term. Depending on the market situation, some portfolio positions may be hedged on an opportunistic basis. 

The fund manager of the EnpaValue Opportunity Fund is Marcel Hermann, who has over 25 years of experience analysing stocks primarily using a value approach.

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Currency: CHF / EUR (hedged) / USD (hedged)
Swiss Valor: CHF 42'927'366 / hEUR 50'453'605 / hUSD 50'453'606
ISIN: CHF CH0429273664 / hEUR CH0504536050 / hUSD CH0504536068
Bloomberg: ENPAVOA SW

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Marcel Hermann

Fund Manager, Partner

Marcel Hermann is an equities specialist who has managed the Enpa Value Opportunity Fund since its inception. After completing his education, Marcel gained many years of experience working as an equities analyst at renowned financial institutions (including Goldman Sachs), and most recently held the role of Head Global Equity Research Sales at Sanford C. Bernstein. In 2013, he switched to the buy side and became a senior financial analyst at Braun, von Wyss & Müller (Classic Global Equity Fund). Prior to joining Entrepreneur Partners, Marcel worked as a consultant for azValor in Madrid. Marcel is a federally certified business economist (HWV Zürich) and CFA charter holder.

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